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What is natural quartz?

Quartz is one of the hardest components of natural granite. Quartz rates seven out of 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. The only materials harder are diamonds, sapphires and topaz. The quartz crystals are used to create a beautiful and strong surface that is highly scratch and impact resistant.

What are the advantages of Quartz Stone?

A high-performing surface, is nonporous preventing unwelcome germs, bacteria and mildew. It does not require sealing, conditioning and polishing. Is also scratch and stain resistant unlike alternative surface options such as granite, tile and marble.

What products are available?

Comes in stone slabs that vary in thickness, width and length. Each sheet is fabricated into a variety of design applications.

How many color surfaces are available?

Offers design flexibility to make any vision a reality. Available in more than 32 colors and patterns in North America and more than 50 globally, the colors are inspired by the hues and textures in natural stone, delivering one of the strongest and most durable surface materials on the market, without sacrificing style.

Where can it be applied?

Residential uses such as kitchen countertops, islands, peninsulas; bath vanity top, shower stalls and shower surrounds; table tops, fireplace surrounds, window sills, wainscoting, wall covering and threshold.

Commercial uses such as healthcare facilities, restaurants, offices; including conference tables, reception and desktops, countertops and credenzas, lobby/interior walls, food preparation areas, laboratories, and inlays.

How do I care for Quartz Stone?

Simply clean up any spills with soap and water. For routine cleaning, use a small amount of cleaner that is non-bleach and nonabrasive along with warm water and a damp cloth. Repeat as needed to keep the lustrous gloss and radiant sheen. Although it is resistant to stains, any type of spill should be cleaned as soon as possible. Any liquid spills, fruits, vegetables, or other foods should be wiped up and cleaned with soap and water.

Is Quartz Stone hygienic?
Quartz Stone is intrinsically a nonporous material preventing unwelcome germs, bacteria and mildew. It does not require sealing, conditioning and polishing.

Is Quartz Stone scratch resistant?

Because Quartz Stone contains approximately 93% quartz, the hardest components of natural granite, the surface is highly scratch and impact resistant. However, as with any surface, sudden impact, excessive force/pressure, or misuse can damage the stone surface.

How is Quartz Stone installed?

Quartz Stone is installed by trained and certified fabricators/installers. Using a certified fabricator/installer ensures that Quartz Stone is installed properly and under full warranty.

Do I need to finish or seal Quartz Stone?

No. Unlike natural stone products, Quartz Stone is a non-porous surface you will NEVER have to apply a sealer to our surface.

Can you cut directly on the surface of Quartz Stone?

It is a matter of choice. While Quartz Stone is made of more than 93% natural quartz crystals that are up to six times harder than granite, it is always recommended to use a cutting board to prevent any dulling of the surface that can occur over a long term of surface cutting.

When preparing meals, can raw foods such as vegetables, acidic fruits and meats be placed directly on the surface?

Yes. Quartz Stone is a non-porous surface. This means germs and bacteria can not accumulate with regular cleaning. Quartz Stone is an approved surface for commercial food preparation areas in restaurants.

Can hot plates and pans be placed directly on Quartz Stone?

While Quartz Stone can withstand heat, it is still advised to use hot pads or trivets when using cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock-pots, roaster ovens or in place of hot pans directly onto the surface to avoid potentially damaging temperatures. Prolonged exposure to heat will damage Quartz Stone, and such damage is not covered by warranty.

Is Quartz Stone color consistent?

Quartz Stone is made from pure, natural quartz. Variation in quartz, color, shape, shade, pattern and size are unique traits of Quartz Stone. Although some Quartz Stone colors may be more consistent than granite, color variance is an inherent trait expected of Quartz Stone. In addition, small blotches or random distribution of particulates are an inherent part of overall design and composition and are not considered to be defects or product non-conformity. The 10-Year Limited Warranty does not cover color variance, and Quartz Stone application will not be replaced for these unique, inherent traits of Quartz Stone.

If I remodel my kitchen countertop with Quartz Stone, will it be seamless?

Quartz Stone is not a seamless product; seams are generally visible. Inspection for color coordination across seams and multiple pieces is strongly recommended.

Quartz Stone

Quartz Stone is a stone surface made from pure, natural quartz. Quartz Stone offers the natural beauty of quartz with up to six times the strength and durability of granite. Approximately 93 percent of Quartz Stone is mined quartz crystals, one of nature's hardest materials. The quartz is combined with high-quality polyester resins and pigment to produce a natural stone without the high-maintenance.